THE TiPS – Trippin’ (CD)

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THE TiPS' second full length album extensively package in a sepcial 6 panel fold out digipack.

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THE TiPS enchant with their distinct blend of reggae, ska, rock, punk and soul music. Ali, the singer of the band moved to the states for a couple years when he was 18 years old. It was back then when he learned to love the music of SUBLIME, unmistakable a huge influence on THE TiPS’s sound. Jay and Faf have been rowing up with skateboarding, which is clearly audible as well in THE TiPS’s blend of sounds. Suitable for every pool party out there, as a soundtrack for the next vacation on the beach or as an emergency plan against bad weather and bad mood, this music is perfect for skating, BBQing, as a protest statement or simply as a vivid musical soundtrack of a distinct way of life!

Amongst other, THE TiPS are extremely proud of the artwork for the release that was done by none less than world-famous Californian tattoo-artist and LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS member Opie Ortiz. One of Opie’s most famous pieces are the SUBLIME-Sun or the artwork for SUBLIME’s multiplatinum-album from 1996. The packaging of the release tributes the original piece by Opie being an extensive 6-panel digipak in which the front-cover is only a small piece of the full artwork.

– special 6 panel fold out digipack
– artwork by Opie Ortiz


01. Fences And Barricades
02. I Hope
03. Worst Enemy
04. Homesick
05. Slightly Insane
06. What You Reap
07. Don’t Chase Them
08. Scratches
09. Ain’t Got No
10. My Girlfriend’s Mother
11. Funky Monkey
12. Katey

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