What’s the story…

Longbeach Records

Welcome to the European division of Long Beach Records – home of the most splendid Long Beach punk bands as well as a delicios platter of European’s finest counterparts!
We know a lot of you are wondering how Long Beach Records is connected to Skunk Records- so here it is short and sweet: As the success of Sublime and Skunk took off, Miguel was finding less time to devote to the punk rock bands still under the Skunk label. In order to get them the recognition they so deserved, he found a way to showcase them on a little brother label.

So Miguel (Skunk) and Mudd (Corn Doggy Dog) got together and came up with a label to release the now historic Long Beach Blvd. compilation. A CD to showcase the side projects of Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson.(Juice Bros), while attracting new fans for Corn Doggy Dog & the ½ Pound, Secret Hate and Das Klown.
Today Long Beach Records is still the home for Skunk’s punk rock bands and continues to add to the family while staying true to the roots of Long Beach. That is why Long Beach Records carries the Skunk logo protected by the independent safety of the Long Beach Records buoy.

Long Beach Records Europe was a spontaneous idea of Mudd and Gernot to conquer the European market starting off with Shortbus’s release Flying Ship of Fantasy (featuring Ex-Sublime members). After that, we collected some of the finest European bands we considered rocking, flavouring it with some of the best Long Beach has to offer. By now Long Beach Records Europe operates individually, although the bonds to Long Beach Records are still as close as they used to be in the beginning. We work with artists and bands that are to be located in the genres of punk-rock, ska, reggae/dub and rock keeping the spirit and vibes of Skunk Records and Sublime alive while spreading it all over Europe!