Herrlich-Ehrlich-Gradeaus-Humorvoll-Eindringlich-Gut gelaunt krachlauter unfug Der Bandname Elfmorgen ist selten bescheuert, und er verrät nichts von dem, was das Publikum erwartet, nämlich ein brutal lauter Sound … Read more

The Offenders

„There’s a class of common people, of workers, across borders, beliefs, nationalities, colors and genders that stands for human rights in constant opposition to autocrats, … Read more


Barcleona, 2018: a disillusioned youth, a frustrated generation, social upheaval, failed independence aspirations, police brutality and unemployment are the daily grind of a plethora of … Read more

Brew 36

With a name that pays homage to drinking in the streets of Kreuzberg, Berlin where the band first met, BREW 36 combines members of Offenders … Read more


The story of NH3 starts in August 2002 in the district Villa San Martino in Pesaro. The friendship that bonds the historic nucleus of the … Read more


P.O.BOX have a history of over 15 years, with way more than 600 shows in more than 25 countries like Japan, Canada, almost entire Europe, … Read more


Hard-hitting skapunk since 1997. Hailing from Saarland, Germany, this eight-piece has by now a band history o more than 20 years! However, they are still … Read more

Sidewalk Surfers

If you re-released the legendary video-game “Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding” today, Sidewalk Surfers would contribute the main part of the game’s soundtrack. The young guns from … Read more


TALCO, the most important and well known Italian punk-rock band of our times can look back on a history of over 16 years, six studio … Read more

THE PROSECUTION (c) Bernhard Schirn

The Prosecution

THE PROSECUTION, from southern Germany are a powerful eight-piece, with meaningful lyrics and a distinct message. Being deeply rooted in the DIY culture, THE PROSECUTION … Read more