The Prosecution


THE PROSECUTION, from southern Germany are a powerful eight-piece, with meaningful lyrics and a distinct message. Being deeply rooted in the DIY culture, THE PROSECUTION were able to turn the German ska-punk scene upside down easily with their album At the Edge Of The End. It is the mixture of different genres that makes THE PROSECUTION to an outstanding band. They know how to present this musical blend sophisticatedly not seeming artifical or affectedly at any point. They combine metal riffs with hardcore breakdowns, off beat two tone rhythms and catchy punk-rock hooklines topped off with brass and clear as well as shouted vocals. Thus they are able to create their specific and individual ska-punk-rock island giving them their own identity within this particular genre.

By now, they are a vital part of Germany’s (ska)-punkrock scene. The Prosecution engages themselves in social projects (amongst other Pro Asyl) for many years. They help to organize workshops and informative meetings. Further, the collect donations for social issues on a regular basis which led to an incredible amount of over 30.000 Euro in total which they predominantly donated to organizations that support refugees and help to integrate people from different cultures.




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