THE TiPS – Come Closer EP

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THE TiPS Come Closer to than ever before transcending (in)visible barriers made in out heads and constructed by our society.

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COME CLOSER has been forged during a time of change and is the result of not giving up or letting go but fighting back and moving forward.
Five tracks ranging from stoner-rock riffs blendend with lightly and cozy off beat-guitars and dubby beats meeting punk vibes. For fans of Red Hot Chilli Peppers mixed with Serj Tankijan, Reel Big Fish and Sublime tripping on a highway through the dessert of the Mojave dessert. COME CLOSER is about transcending barriers, may the be invisible and only in out heads or may they be constructed by society.

– 3 panel digipack CD


01.) My Days
02.) Go
03.) Come Closer
04.) Wait & Buy
05.) Smile

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