The Prosecution – At The Edge Of The End (Vinyl)

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With their new record AT THE EDGE OF THE END and freshly signed to LONG BEACH RECORDS EUROPE, THE PROSECUTION deliver a game-changing blend of ska, Californian punk and hardcore for the German market.

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While German ska-core bands reached their limits in their own genre, THE PROSECUTION break those limits by uniting diverse musical genres with a highly political profile, the aversion to extensive capitalism, exploited media coming along with the wet back of society as well as the thrive to party hard and enjoy life!

Being deeply rooted in the DIY culture, THE PROSECUTION were able to turn the German ska-punk scene upside down easily with AT THE EDGE OF THE EEN. Neither press nor fans expected such a fresh output: “Almost no German ska-punk/-core band presented themselves in such an american way.” (OX-FANZINE). An album packaging playfully arranged and full of details, handmade merchandising, as well as self-produced videos speak for themselves.

– 180g black vinyl
– incl. a song not released on the CD version
– incl. download code
– numbered by hand
– TV on the front cover is punched out


Side A:

01.) Sofa Spuds
02.) Learning Life (feat. Dicky Barrett of THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES)
03.) Still Friends
04.) I Swear
05.) Ironic Phases
06.) At The Edge Of The End

Side B:

07.) Overrun (exclusive vinyl bonus track)
08.) Falling
09.) Brainwashed Society
10.) King Of The Pub
11.) Restroom Of My Life
12.) 1989
13.) Voices

„You guys sound great“ – Dicky Barrett (THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES)

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