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With a loud bang and as edgy as you know em, P.O.BOX are back with their third full length record F#RTH#R!

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F#RTH#R is a quite heavy release from P.O.BOX on which they present ska-punk with strong melodies and social critical lyrics.

On F#RTH#R, like on their previous records …AND THE LIPSTICK TRACES and INBETWEENTHELINES, P.O.BOX make unmistakably clear what drives the band all the years: „We’re not here to transform musicians into icons. We believe in the community of thoughts that brings us all further, farther. After 13 years, we’re still having fun. And we’ll keep on having fun.“ Seb, P.O.BOX

– 3 panel digipack CD
– 8 page leporello booklet


01.) Tres De Nayo
02.) It Will But Grow
03.) Poto & Cabengo
04.) Y.M.W.C.
05.) Divide And Rule
06.) Broken Cards And Credit Hearts
07.) Cogito Ergo Sum
08.) Shipwrecked
09.) Undergroundbaseofanonymous
10.) The Ordinary Plan Of Freedom
11.) The Drive To Fame
12.) 178
13.) The Last Train To Pam

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