Templeton Pek – Scratches And Scars (CD)

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“TEMPLETON PEK supported us in the UK, awesome energy and great melodies! Don't miss this band!” Fredrik Larzon (MILLENCOLIN)

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These three guys do not only know how to rock, but how to produce great music.

With their second full length release, TEMPLETON PEK are on their way to conquering mainland Europe after intoxicating the UK with their songs and melodies. More hooks, more energy, more spirit – simply more TEMPLETON PEK.

This likable three-piece will definitely electrify and entertain you!!!


01.) Calculate This Risk
02.) Headgames
03.) Barriers
04.) Low
05.) Break The Habit
06.) Rotton In Denmark
07.) Fiction Burn
08.) Dark Matter
09.) Crosswires
10.) Red Lights Flash
11.) Made To Waste
12.) Slow Burn

“TEMPLETON PEK are a great band, not just musically but as people. We¬† toured together in Dec 09 and had a blast. They are a raw, hard playing punk act that never fail to entertain.” Sean Smith (THE BLACKOUT)

“TEMPLETON PEK aus Birmingham sind einer der Bands, die es geschafft haben den 90er Punkrock Sound ins neue Jahrtausend zu retten, ohne dabei die Spannung zu verlieren. Super Songs, super Melodien und energetisch ohne Ende.” Panzer (ITCHY POOPZKID)

“Birmingham’s answer to GREENDAY.” Kerrang Magazine

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