The Offenders – Class Of Nations exclusive Vinyl + Shirt

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„There’s a class of common people, of workers, across borders, beliefs, nationalities, colors and genders that stands for human rights in constant opposition to autocrats, bankers and corrupted politicians. There’s a Class of Nations“. THE OFFENDERS

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Exclusive Shirt-Bundle Vinyl-Edition. Only available from Long Beach Records Europe:

– exclusive CLASS OF NATION shirt printed on black Gildan Soft Style shirt
– Special vinyl-color: mustard (standard edtion in regualr shops has an oxblood red vinyl)

CLASS OF NATIONS represents a change in the band’s sound, adding to their offbeat trademark a more straight-in-the-face streetpunk sound combined with folk elements, using for the first time ever in their career a mandolin as lead instrument alongside punk distorted guitar and fast upbeat tempo. As they always did in nearly 15 years of activity, THE OFFENDERS still have a say about nowadays society and politics, as revealed in the opening track „Rose Thorn“ (feat.Frankie McLaughlin / THE RUMJACKS), a working class anthem standing against all profits that corrupted politicians made upon their lies selling out the future of the workers; the itchy feeling under skin that never goes away properly like having a rose thorn right under skin that you can’t pull out.

– 12 fresh folk-punk meets ska-punk songs for fans of The Clash, Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, Perkele, The Interrupters, Street Dogs, Buster Shuffle, Rantanplan
– studio album number eight!

Side A:
1) Rose Thron
2) Chaos FM
3) Evils Cry Sometimes
4) Left Behind
5) Mosh Pit
6) Marchez

Side B:
1) Obey
2) Spit your Story
3) Dagger In The Belt
4) S.F.R.
5) Rise And Shine
6) Wind & Flames

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