Goodbye Jersey – Punch Ready (Vinyl)

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The second full length of the skate-punk-hardcore-ska-bugle-kings GOODBYE JERSEY, from Hamburg, Germany is only available on vinyl and as digital download.

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PUNCH READY features 12 powerful tunes ranging from heavy and damn fast 90’s skate-punk/melodic-core/hardcore to laid back offbeat ska songs. GOODBYE JERSEY: melodic bugle-punk at it’s best!


Side A:
01.) Keep The Change
02.) Porcupine
03.) 14 Beers
04.) Dirty Chocolate
05.) Punch Ready
06.) Billy
07.) What’s Your Style?

Side B:
01.) Officer Friendly?
02.) Heidi Klum Ate A Kid
03.) The Sailor Song
04.) The Big Sleep
05.) Nothing Brings Me Down

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