Versus You – Levitate The Listener (black vinyl)

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VERSUS YOU present seven rough and fromidable punk-rock tunes for you with a harsh and scratchy voice of the lead vocalist Eric. The songwriting is direct and catchy, but melodic and with a lot of rock in ti at the same time. It makes your body move from the first second and you find yourself with a freshly opened bottle of beer in the hand even though you’d never thought of a drink at that moment. ‘This War Is Like A Drug To You’ slows down a bit to give you a tiny break before ‘Spread The Epidemic’ speeds up again musically as well as lyrically.

The second part of this split release are songs from the Californian veteran punk-rock band WHITE FLAG. Having released 23 records within 28 years and having played shows all over the world including such exotic places such as greenland and faror are a clear statement for a punk-rock lifestyle. They started in 1982 as a support band for BLACK FLAG and took it from there.

It is not only the long history of the band that makes it quire remarkable. The amount of diverse rotating band members are a unique feature of WHITE FLAG too. Since now there have been more than 20 members in WHITE FLAG amongst others musicians who have played in bands like BAD RELIGION, CIRCLE JERKS (Greg Hetson), THE MUFFS (Ronnie Barnett), LAGWAGON (Ken Stringfellow), or HOLE (Eric Eraldson). This makes WHITE FLAG a core element of the densly woven net of american rock and punk-rock history.

– 12 inch black vinyl


Side A:
01.) VERSUS YOU – The Mad Ones
02.) VERSUS YOU – Quid Pro Quo
03.) VERSUS YOU – It’s Fun To Be A Vampire
04.) VERSUS YOU – The Day I Came To Town
05.) VERSUS YOU – The Dead Will Have Their Day
06.) VERSUS YOU – This War Is Like A Drug To You
07.) VERSUS YOU – Spread The Epidemic

Side B:
01.) WHITE FLAG – Forever Changes
02.) WHITE FLAG – What Can I Do In A Day?
03.) WHITE FLAG – Dido
04.) WHITE FLAG – Architects
05.) WHITE FLAG – Magically Delicious
06.) WHITE FLAG – A Cellar Full Of Neu!’s
07.) WHITE FLAG – Please Stand By
08.) WHITE FLAG – The Witch (featuring VERSUS YOU)

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