P.O.BOX – Detour(s) (Vinyl + DVD)

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P.O.BOX from Nancy are back with DETOUR(S) – not just a simple EP release.

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Besides the six brand new tracks on one of the two discs, you’ll get a two-hours DVD-documentary of their INBETWEENTHELINES European Summer Tour 2009 on the other disc. P.O.BOX toured eastern Europe, Turkey, Ukraine as well as Russia back then. This documentary depicts ruthlessly one month of living in a tour-van. You’ll see outlying places whereto P.O.BOX bring the first punk rock live show, there are unreasonable promoters, intercultural problems of communication as well as border bribery. This documentary is not about sold out venues with shitload of fans passing out, but it is about the engine that drives P.O.BOX to far places such as Russia to have a 20 minute set – a band reluctant to obey to the music industry. This documentary is about freedom, rules and last but not least what NOFX sung already in 1994: ‘The Cause’.

– 10 inch black vinyl
– incl. download code
– incl. 2hrs DVD documentary


Side A:

01.) This Is A Hidden PLace
02.) On How To Light A Fire
03.) Forsaken Comedy

Side B:

01.) Inked
02.) The Silent March Of The Hollowed
03.) Talking To Her

2 hours documentary of INBETWEENTHELINES European Summer-Tour
Language: french
Subtitles: english, german

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